Connecting music and community.


The UBC Music Initiative club is a student-run volunteer organization dedicated to providing opportunities for students to perform and share their music with the community. Through our concerts at hospitals and senior homes, we aim to bring a little joy to those in need with our music.

Many students, once in university, lose motivation to continue practicing music or simply cannot find opportunities to perform with others. Through this club, students of all faculties with an ongoing passion for music are brought together in an encouraging environment to rediscover their love for musical performance, share their musical talents, and have fun!

About UMI

At UMI we deeply believe in inspiring and uniting the musical passion of individuals into a community. When one enters university, their youthful passion for music becomes eroded by newfound responsibilities and is eventually extinguished. Our mission is to revitalise this waning flame. We exercise our belief and commitment to this mission through monthly socials that provide individuals the necessary opportunity to express themselves and connect with others through music.

Our Mission

We yearn to create an inclusive musical community and welcome anyone with a passion for music. In addition to hosting monthly events we perform consistently around the Greater Vancouver area through locally led concerts. These local concerts provide members performative opportunities. It is also a source of invaluable interaction that allows us to connect with the Vancouver community and hopefully bring some solace into their lives. Our prior concerts include:

    • Imagine Day Main Stage
    • Wesbrook Village Festival
    • Minoru Residence
    • Crofton Manor
    • Honoria Conway

Simultaneously we constantly strive to collaborate with fellow student led clubs on campus. In the past we have worked with organizations such as:

    • UBC A Cappella
    • UBC Jazz Cafe
    • UBC ASIA
    • UBC Heart and Stroke Foundation
    • UBC Canadian Liver Foundation
    • UBC Dollar Project
    • UBC Ballet Club

In the future we hope to continue our close relationships with these clubs, while striving to expand our interclub involvement and presence in the UBC Community.

While the definition of music varies across individuals and cultures, the concept of music remains universal. It has the potential to be a unifying force that dispels the differences of people into togetherness. Music is cherished at the UMI community because it is that unifying force that has ignited the very inception of this club.

Concert Protocols


Club members need only RSVP to the concert date they wish to attend with the title of the piece(s) to be performed and approximate duration. Usually each performer will have 5-10 minutes to perform. Pianos are provided at our venues. If other equipment is necessary (microphone, guitar amps, music stands, etc.), please let us know ahead of time so that arrangements can be made.

The club is also a great opportunity to find other students for musical collaboration! Let us know if you are interested in performing a duet or forming an ensemble.


We are always welcoming new members into our club. Only club members will receive e-mail updates about upcoming concerts and social events. Non-members may choose to become part of the club by signing up and paying the membership fee of $10 at their first concert.

Concert Hosts:

We hold regular concerts at several locations in Greater Vancouver. These concerts are a source of mental engagement and emotional enjoyment for the residents and patients, who are greatly appreciative of musical performance. Our concerts last one hour and we keep the number of performers per concert to a maximum of 10 to prevent overcrowding of your venue.